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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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men injured or killed today. >> reporter: well julie right now out here in the parking lot there are some members of the national guard who are gathered here. this is a very difficult time. you can see where they've set up a command center right here in the parking lot. not too far away from the i hop if we pan over you can see the restaurant where the shooting happened just this hour, the sheriff updated us and told us it appears the shooting has used an ak47 type weapon in this shooting. the shooter was 32-year-old eduardo sencion who was on the  ground when they found him when they arrived. apparently he had shot himself. he works at a family business in south lake tahoe on the california side. deputies say they got the call about 9:00 this morning. they found 11 victims shot, three dead. witnesses say that sencion had pulled up in a blue mini van, he went straight to the dining room in the back and opened fire. there were five members of the nevada army national guard that
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were sitting there, three of them injured and three of them killed. sencion left the restaurant afterward and opened fire in the parking lot. rotating in a 360 degrees angle just spraying bullets and that ended up killing someone. here is what he had to say as well as someone from the national guard. >> the word targeting would suggest that we have a motive. we don't have a motive yet. we're working very diligently including with some operational things that are going on right now. >> the nevada guard is extremely saddened. we're working hand in hand with the carson city sheriff's department and other local and national authorities. ambulances and helicopters rushed to aid injured victims to the hospital along with the shooter who died two hours later. now the sheriff as you heard earlier says there is no motive right now. back here live we have been talking to him. he says they are interviewing witnesses and they have learned from the family that apparently
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sencion did have some history of mental health issues. so they're not sure exactly what caused this but certainly a lot of people grieving here for the guards men who were killed as well as the one woman who was killed in this very tragic shooting. reporting live in carson city, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. our coverage continues on you can view a slide show of the moments following the shootings as police and firefighters responded to the scene in carson city. ktvu has learned the man authorities are searching for near fort bragg may be linked to the killing of a young couple in jenner years ago. authorities fanned out tracking out james vassler. now investigators tell ktvu they are now looking at whether
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vassler may have killed lindsay cutshay and her fiance years ago. they were shot in the head as they were sleeping side by side on a beach. police believe that it was vassler because of the senselessness of the killing and the that it was at the coast. and the rifle used was one used in the recent killings. >> if even one person in the last 55 years had cared enough to check the pipeline correctly we wouldn't be here today. san bruno residents are asking for the passage of a new bill. the bill has already passed an assembly. a economy vote is set for friday on the first anniversary of the explosion. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar is live now in san bruno with the steps pg & e took today to
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ensure its pipes are safe, tom. >> reporter: i'm in san bruno and to prevent something like that happening here or a fire such as we had in cupertino last week, the pipe replacement program has been stepped up. it's a pain staking big money door to door effort to replace millions of the street mains and feeder lines throughout pg & e service area. >> cast iron pipes have a tendency of cracking during earthquakes. we have a goal of replacing 100 miles of old pipes. we're 90% complete. >> it's made my uncomfortable just the noise and construction. i can't help but think about the things that have happened in the past. >> reporter: but last week's fire added 1,200 more miles of aging plastic pipes. >> we're going to look at
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plastic pipe, adelite pipe that's susceptible to cracking. which is what happened in san bernardino. >> the materials are a lot better currently than they were back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. over time technology gets better. the materials gets better. >> reporter: the utility knows that customers have been shaken by the past incidents. >> it's one thing to say it, another thing is to take action. and what we want our customers to see is the action we're taking. >> we reporting live, i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. fire investigators tonight are still trying to figure out what sparked a fire in a home in concord that was under construction.
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we brought you this story live last night right here on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. a shell is all that remained this morning on a home on skyler court. the contractor told ktvu no one was working on the home yesterday because it was a holiday. investigators do not believe it was arson. supporters and opponents of sex same marriage held signs promoting their view. inside the justices heard arguments about whether the initiative's backers can defend the voter approved ban in federal court. usually that would fall to the governor or attorney general but both of them agree with the federal judges ruling that the ban is unconstitutional. >> there were concerns expressed from the bench from multiple justices about the initial rights being hollowed. if it can just be thrown under
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the busby the attorney judge. an east bay elementary school should learn tomorrow whether it should be shut down by the end of the school year. rob roth is live now in san pablo where teachers and parents are mobilizing to try to save it. rob-- >> reporter: we're at wake elementary school where parents have been passing out this flier urging the community to come to tomorrow's school board meeting and fight to keep the school open. >> do you agree with? >> reporter: these students studied math today, their parents were worried about other numbers. many apartments parents can walk their children here, and want to continue doing so. >> it's right in our community. why would you take it away if it's right in our community. >> we don't want to see that
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collaborative initiative being shut down. >> reporter: the city of san pablo road to the rescue and contributed $300,000 to keep the school running. the mayor says the city can't afford to do that again. >> we just don't have any extra money for any extra things at all. >> reporter: but there is a bright side the school district has finally paid back a $30 million state loan, some money that had been going to sacramento can now go back into the school district. about $1.4 million. the school district can still close lake and reopen programs previously shut down. >> we can buy more material to update safety, there's obviously issues around safety. >> reporter: the fate of another school will also be determined tomorrow night. shannon elementary in pinol. that school has been in the brink of closure in the recent years. the school board meeting is
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scheduled at 6: 6:00 tomorrow evening at the pinol high school. a bill to expand health care coverage to bay area children at need at no cost to the state is awaiting the governor's signature. it will allow counties to tap additional federal funds to cover more uninsured children. it increases income availability of just over $22,000 a year for a family of four. democrats in sacramento are calling amazon's sales tax proposal a phantom promise. today they displayed a blank board titled amazon jobs likely. amazon says it will build two distribution centers in california employing 7,000 workers if the state postpones collecting sales tax on its affiliates for two years. >> what i call amazon's proposal, shamazon. >> democrats have until friday to pass a bill that would force
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online retailers to immediately begin collecting the tax. amazon backed initiative undoing the tax would not be able to override that bill. yahoo is under new leadership tonight after the chairman of the board fired its ceo. chief financial offer tim morse will serve as interim ceo. he previously spent 15 years at general electric. a report from a nonprofit, it says that california faced a bleak job profit. the state added fewer than 3,000 jobs between february and july. the state has only regained one in six jobs lost during the recession. more than 2 million people are out of work. more than 1 million have been looking for a job for more than six months. latino voters may be the key for president obama if he
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wants to get reelected. there are now 2.3 million more latinos registered to vote. that's the biggest increase of any ethnic group. their share of the vote has more than doubled from 10% to 22%. latino voters are increasingly voting democratic. in 2008 they gave president obama a 9% point edge against john mccain. just four years before, democrats had only a six percentage the áf lead. today a school is honoring a pilot killed in a september 11 attack. he died when his plane was crashed near shanksville. this weekend ktvu will air a special program called 9/11 a
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decade of change. we're going to examine how our nation and the world has changed since the event. the labor day weekend may be the end of summer for some but not firefighters. for them this is the start of a very dangerous part of summer. i'll tell you how hot it's going to get. tomorrow should be the hottest day of the week.
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the highway patrol today called the number of people who died over the holiday who were not wearing seat belts disturbing. the chp says 29 people were killed in crashes from last friday until monday morning up from 21 last year. at least 18 of them were not
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wearing seat belts. 1,531 drivers were arrested for drunk driving statewide, that's 20 up from last year. enough is enough. >> the coalition to stop police brutality gathered in front of city hall. they plan to pass on a group of demands. they include shootings by police. nummi is considering whether to allow riders to use all doors to help speed up service. right now all riders must enter through the front but it's not always enforced. crash customers would still have to use the front door.
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tuesday lawmakers will still have to use fire protection to save the protection. governor brown proposed increasing the amount to $175. summer vacation may be over but things are just now heating up for bay area firefighters preparing for the peak of fire season. robert handa is in the santa cruz mountains tonight and takes a look at how calfire is preparing. robert-- >> reporter: for calfire the end of summer is one of the most dangerous times of the year. fire conditions are at a peak and it's still getting hotter. for fire crews labor day is the start of a critical phase of fire season. today calfire is clearing out pike road deep in the santa cruz mountains to create better fire evacuation routs. >> there's not a fast we to get down or up. it take as very long time. >> in a case of a fire -- >> it wouldn't be safe, it would be very hazardous with
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all the cars. >> reporter: we're toward the end of fire season yet everything is reaching it's critical conditions right now. everything is dried out. >> reporter: today firefighters practiced creating vents in roofs to reduce heat in roofs and burning buildings. budget cuts reduced engine crews from four firefighters to three. >> we have to know and be proficient at so many things in our lives that if we let it slide it can cause injury or death. calfire points out september and october have been prime time for bay area fires. it's the fourth anniversary of the lick fire that burned 4,000 acres. >> just take dry temperatures like we're experiencing right now, single digit humidity leads potential for a large fire. >> a wildfire can happen any time especially with our crazy weather. so i think it's great that they're staying on top of it
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everyone though it's after lay -- even though it's after labor day. >> reporter: and fire crews are working with five engines to help fight the canyon fire. so far there have been about 1,000 more wildfires in california this year when compared to last year. however the number of wildfires this year is actually about 500 below the five year average provided by calfire. so although this year has been more active, the trend is actually on the decline for california wildfires. tomorrow is a spare the air day bay area quality officials say the heat and light winds will combine to produce lighter levels of pollution. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather. referee: you can - - >> you can see the air quality looking outside. the inversion is shrinking down and you can see that as you
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look at live storm tracker 2. you can see the fog how it's contoured. it's not really pushing into the great highway, it's stuck right at the coast because the inversion or the atmosphere is really narrow. it's tightened down. not only does the fog get stung at the surface but pollutants. ozones that's created when the sun hits exhaust from your car in the mornings end and the evening gets trapped. when the atmosphere is thick and the inversion is high, it all picks up. you're over all lows tonight are in the 50s. and 60s, lots of upper 50s and 60s. tomorrow will be hotter than what we've experienced today. here's the fog. remember i said it was squished down. it's going through the sea level gap. it can't go through the hills so it squishes through.
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it doesn't cool at all. it just stuck right there. it'll cool oakland and albany. but watch what happens there'll be fog right along the coast. for not that many days this year. we're starting to see 100- degree readings. fire danger definitely up tomorrow. air quality definitely down. it's going to be very warm as we head to hot as we head into your thursday as well as temperatures will start to trend down. for now in the next couple of days it's a real warm one. especially in a heat advisory: red flag warnings no. we're not going to see the big winds but it's going to be warmer to hot compared to what we've seen. these are the cities especially in this town that will be the hottest tomorrow. the highest temperature, 99 in brentwood. 98 in the antioch and 95 in pittsburg. along the bay and at the coast, temperatures will be in the 80s. your numbers are going to be more in the 60s, maybe mid-60s. if the sun goes down a little bit more you will see
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temperatures in the upper 60s but much cooler there. your five day forecast, with your weekend in view. the next couple of days will be hot. big heat up and slightly cooler for the bay area weekend. but still nice. more fog as you head toward the end of the week. >> thanks bill. >> monterey bay aquarium says their great white shark appears to be settling in well into their new aquarium. the aquarium set a new one day record for attendance on sunday with just under 17,500 visitors. concord is looking for volunteers to help the city prepare for a major earthquake. a community response team disaster drill is scheduled for next saturday. the city needs people to act as victims and households so that people can inspect their heaters. and now we're going to
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julie haener to see what's coming up. >> on tv 36 we told you earlier in this newscast about that mass shooting in carson city. coming up we will have the very latest on the search for a motive. dozens of business in one east bay city had been busy today painting over graffiti. we'll tell you what police are now doing to try to find those responsible for what they're calling a malicious and deliberate attack. all of those stories coming up in just 30 minutes on tv 36. up next, long awaited and now we get a look. the unveiling today of a tribute to local and world heros.
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breaking news right now from port costa. live pictures from news chopper 2 of a fire that broke out about 5:00 near cardena scenic drive. we don't have a will the of information but you can see the situation there. it also may be affecting amtrak service. we're working to get more information. if we do get more information we will have it for you on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. a loud cheer as a giant bronze sculpture of
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humanitarians was invailed. 25 heros from gahndi to martin luther king jr. were honored. they were chosen for their efforts of creating a better life for others. just click on the remember them tab. mark is here now with sports. no more messing around this weekend it's for real in the nfl. >> after all these years it's hard to get pumped up about from season exhibition football. so don't worry about it anymore. the real deal sunday. 49ers, ushering in the jim harbaugh era. it begins against the seattle seahawks. it's the same team they opened to last year. opening up the pete carol regime there. fans have high expectations for the new coach and the team with it. and coach harbaugh is tired as well as people around here of
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losing. >> don't worry, just work and don't worry. as far as expectations, you know we have a great expectation for today's meetings. for today's practice. and with a blue color attitude and mentality and you know and in the end we'll see how good we are. how tough we are to beat. how many games we can win. but you know, i think we're going to be darn tough to beat. >> that's good news because there's a lot of improvement to do. the giants are in action tonight as our the a's and don't forget you see that 49er game sunday. that's the sport life for right now. >> mark, thank you. our coverage continues online, follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. you will also find links of videos from today's stories. just follow ktvu on twitter.
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